Book cover - Falling for the Good Guy - Author Violet Duke

Falling for the Good Guy

Author Violet Duke

  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 1,199 Ratings

Falling for the Good Guy Summary

Falling for the Good Guy - The second book of the Sullivan Brothers "Nice Girl Trilogy” that began the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling CAN'T RESIST series.

Her best friend since college. The polar opposite of his brother Connor. The ‘good guy’ everyone’s hell-bent on believing is her perfect match. Anything beyond friendship for them had just never been a possibility. But it is now.

For over a decade, through his high school sweetheart’s illness and eventual passing, Abby had been his pal, his rock, all but a second mother to his young daughter. His heart had simply never been free to love her then. But it is now.

Now that his brother Connor has left her with a shattered heart he could kill him for causing, Brian’s got one chance.

...To prove to Abby that everyone’s right.

"A stellar trilogy with unforgettable characters and a truly unique plot...will leave you wrecked one moment and elated the next." -- Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"What. A. Love Triangle.  Witty, raw, and at times, heart-wrenching." -- Ebook Escapes

NOTE TO READERS: This is Book #2 in a three-part 600-pg SERIAL (also available as a bundled box set). Each book in the trilogy has a separate story arc in the greater love triangle, and need to be read in order. Book #4 (the other brother's happily ever after) is a standalone novel that can be read on its own.

BOOK 1: RESISTING the Bad Boy*
BOOK 2: FALLING for the Good Guy*
BOOK 3: CHOOSING the Right Man*
BOOK 4: FINDING the Right Girl

*Also available as a three-book bundle -- the Nice Girl trilogy boxed set

Falling for the Good Guy Review

  • So far so good

    By T1darryl
    Loved the dust storm scene
  • Three is a crowd

    By Diva Princess1
    Wow, this is too much. First of all Abby, has been the best friend she could possibly be to Brian, considering the circumstances regarding his ex wife and being a surrogate mom to his Daughter. Conner was being a great brother to Brian regarding the same set of circumstances. Death is never a great situation, but now this love triangle is too much. I love Brian but I believe her heart belongs to Conner..... Time will tell....
  • Excellent!

    By Carra at Making it Happen blog
    When I first started this book, my brain was saying "NO! Abby belongs with Connor!" But then the story unfolds and it just seemed so now I'm conflicted LOL. Very well written, and I love finding out more and more about the characters as they become even more well-rounded than they were in the first book. Just like the first one, I was totally engrossed in this one, plowing through it in one sitting of a few hours. And after reading the cliffhanger at the end of this one, well...sorry, but I need to go read the third right now!
  • Skeeze

    By Dirtybut
    Wow Abby is a brother-jumping sleezeball. The guys should get smart and find a woman who doesn't want to swap juices with brothers. Just sayin'...
  • Teen Tease

    By llcriswell
    This is more of a teen teaser novel than a well-written story.
  • Falling for the Good Guy

    By Dmr123890002
    OMG! I am a huge fan! Violet Duke is a great author!!! I love this series and I can't wait to read the next book, but I don't want it to end! I feel like I know all the characters. What a great read, thank you Ms Violet!!!!!
  • Good Book!

    By JaeJae25
    I had to buy the bundle it's so good lol.
  • Whoa....

    By leeluvzlori
    I'm stuck on the last page, and all I could think was...."whoa"! I've laughed, hurt with, and rooted for Abby the entire wild ride. I can't wait to read the next book!!!!
  • Had me pulling out my hair!

    By auntjennjenn
    I started this book set against Brian. I wanted Abby to end up with Connor. As I got deeper and deeper into the book I started seeing things differently. As Abby got to know Brian on a personal relationship level I started wanting her to pick him. By the end of the book I was ready to pull my hair out. How was she going to pick between two such awesome men!
  • Another great book!

    By Book bound
    Loving the series!