Book cover - The Last Call - Author Patti Larsen

The Last Call

Author Patti Larsen

  • Release Date: 2013-07-20
  • Genre: Paranormal
Our score: 5
From 16 Ratings

The Last Call Summary

The Last Call - Mommy Dearest

My stomach churned, turned over. Settled. Damn it, everything made me feel nauseated these days. I was lucky not to have had a pukey pregnancy at the outset, but I was more than making up for it the last month or so.

You’re eating too much meat, Shaylee sent.

No, my demon growled, she’s not eating enough.

You need to drink more water, sent my vampire.

Water. Nice of her to remind me. I’d just gone to the bathroom before Lula arrived. And, wouldn’t you know it? Had to go again.

Syd is ready to have the freedom to pursue Ameline and avenge Liam’s loss. But being a mother is far more pacifying than she expected, and she finds it easy to get lost in her new baby. It turns out, Ameline is the least of her worries. How much pain can one heart take? Syd is about to find out...


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