Book cover - Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga) - Author Lois McMaster Bujold

Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga)

Author Lois McMaster Bujold

  • Release Date: 2015-10-15
  • Genre: Romance
Our score: 4.5
From 35 Ratings

Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga) Summary

Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga) - Returning from their honeymoon on Earth, Miles and Ekaterin stop at one of the asteroid-based habitats informally known as Quaddiespace (see FALLING FREE), where Miles is sent to defuse an incident between a Barryaran military command and the local police.  Soon Miles finds himself embroiled in an even more deadly confrontation involving a Cetagandan renegade who has made his crimes appear the work of Barrayar, thus sparking an interplanetary war. Miles' life and the lives of millions in both Cetagandan and Barrayaran empires will be forfeit, unless Miles can overcome seemingly impossible odds. A Nebula Award finalist.

" will be thoroughly gripped and likely to finish the book in a single sitting." 
- Publishers Weekly

on Lois McMaster Bujold:
“Bujold continues to prove what marvels genius can create out of basic space operatics.” 
- Library Journal

“Bujold is not just a master of plot, she is a master of emotion.” 
- SF Site 

“Bujold is one of the best writers of SF adventure to come along in years.” 
- Locus Magazine

“A superb craftsman and stylist, Ms. Bujold is well on her way to becoming one of the great voices of speculative fiction.”  
- Rave Reviews

“Bujold has a gift, nearly unique in science fiction, for the comedy of manners.”  
- Chicago Sun Times

“Superb far-future saga.” 
- Publishers Weekly on the 'Vorkosigan' series

Bujold's "work remains among the most enjoyable and rewarding in contemporary SF." 
- Publishers Weekly

"Bujold is also head and shoulders above the ruck of current fantasists and well as science-fictionists." 
- Booklist