Book cover - Alice in Zombieland - Author Gena Showalter

Alice in Zombieland

Author Gena Showalter

  • Release Date: 2013-08-27
  • Genre: Horror, Monsters & Ghosts
Our score: 4
From 489 Ratings

Alice in Zombieland Summary

Alice in Zombieland - A modern-day Alice in Wonderland meets the undead…

Alice in Zombieland, the first book in The White Rabbit Chronicles, introduces readers to a world newly overrun by zombies...and the one girl who may be able to save mankind.

She won''t rest until she''s sent every walking corpse back to its grave.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. But that''s all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real.

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn''t careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies.

The White Rabbit Chronicles:
Alice in Zombieland
Through the Zombie Glass
The Queen of Zombie Hearts
A Mad Zombie Party

Alice in Zombieland Review

  • want more and know there's a whole series

    By batteryrat
    where are the others??
  • Alice In Zombieland

    By PrettyLittleAsh
    Absolutely Amazing. Plenty of action, crying and hotties!!!

    By CookieDeathYum
    This is my all time FAVORITE book series and I seriously think that it would make the best freaking movie ever!
  • Great

    By Shublibiboobiebow
    One of my favorite series, perfect for your bad boy cravings
  • Amazing Book

    By CMK.
    I liked this book so much, I finished it and the second book in 1.5 weeks. However, I have to admit that I almost gave up on the third book because it wasn't until chapter 3 that it picked up. The first few chapters were over-the-top and I got tired of the silly banter and gooey scenes between the characters. I will still get the 4th book because the characters are interesting, the storyline is fabulous (despite my complaint) and the writing style has been great.
  • Unique Theme in the Zompoc Genre

    By Toni FGMAMTC
    My daughter loved this book so I had to check it out. What an interesting take on the whole zombie idea. I did enjoy the story, but I think I’ve been reading a little too much YA lately because it didn’t keep my interest as much as I was expecting. I did enjoy it enough that I plan to check out the next book at some point.
  • Greatest book ever

    By Avccj
    This book made me want to read more. I would stay up for hours at night even though I had to get up early I would read this book. Can not wait to read the next one.

    By Creepypasta369
    Definitely my favorite book of all time!!!! I have read the whole series more than 5 times! It is still as great as the first time around. I definitely recommend this book to everyone.
  • Genius

    By tassopii
    Absolutely amazing, totally engrossed from start to finish. Loved the lack of swearing and the lack of erotica was pretty refreshing although your other books hold equal amounts of genius. Thank you and pretty please continue to write such cake stories!!!!!

    By Sammie.64