Book cover - Suicide and the Soul - Author James Hillman

Suicide and the Soul

Author James Hillman

  • Release Date: 2013-08-30
  • Genre: Psychology

Suicide and the Soul Summary

Suicide and the Soul - With this book James Hillman initiated the “soul movement” in psycho-
therapy forty years ago. The book resurrects “soul” from its reliquary in spiritual churchiness and instills the idea with the passion-laden daily life of soul food, soul music, soul brother, soul sister, and soul death. I tries to carry Jung's ideas of a soul-informed psychology into the most wrenching agony of therapeutic practice: the suicide of the patient. That is why it was written and why it continues to be read. It goes to the heart of therapy. Since we are each in a silent therapy with ourselves, the issue of suicide reaches into the heart of each of us.


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