Book cover - Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide - Author Sherry Rupke

Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide

Author Sherry Rupke

  • Release Date: 2013-08-25
  • Genre: Pets
Score: 5
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Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide Summary

Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide - What exactly is a Bernedoodle? It’s cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, and according to fans of this newcomer to the hybrid world, it’s downright adorable.
Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels was the first breeder to deliberately cross Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Rupke loved everything about the Bernese, except for the short-lived breed’s genetic propensity for cancer. Plus it sheds. And it can be a little stubborn.

Rupke decided to add Poodle to the hybrid equation to create an intelligent, lively, healthy and low- to non-shedding dog. Over the past decade, she’s built her Bernedoodle program with care to ensure that each scrupulously health-checked breeding dog has an impeccable pedigree, a calm temperament, and great conformation.

"Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide" takes readers on a journey from Rupke’s early days of breeding purebred dogs to establishing her highly successful hybrid program. This comprehensive, easy-to-read and entertaining book also covers everything you need to know about finding the right breeder and puppy, to caring for your Bernedoodle. You’ll discover the best training techniques for Bernedoodles (and any dog) from Rupke’s partner, Lucas Mucha.

Anecdotes from owners of SwissRidge Bernedoodles, along with stunning photos, are likely to convince you that this fun, fun, affectionate, and allergy-friendly hybrid is the perfect companion dog.

Sherry Rupke began breeding dogs at age 15. A certified Veterinary Technician, Rupke set a goal of producing healthy, happy hybrids dogs that suit any family. The result is a widespread and growing community of satisfied clients. Visit the SwissRidge Kennels website.

Sandy Rideout is new to dogs, but not to writing. Visit her website.

Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide Review

  • Great read

    By Finita25
    What a beautiful written, informative book. If your even interested in owning a bernedoodle or even a goldendoodle, I would definitely recommend this book. Fun thing is that I, myself am not a reader but I read this book from first page to last page without a problem. I own 2 doodles, neither one from SwissRidge, but my goal now is to own a mini bernedoodle in the future. This book as provided me with lots of useful information that will definitely make me a batter doodle owner. Thank you Sherry & everyone else who helped make this book possible.