Book cover - The Phoenix War - Author Richard L. Sanders

The Phoenix War

Author Richard L. Sanders

  • Release Date: 2013-11-18
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Our score: 4.5
From 252 Ratings

The Phoenix War Summary

The Phoenix War - A fearful Empire anticipates King Akira's next move: will he abandon them to the corrupt hands of Caerwyn Martel or doom them to bloody civil war, leaving them defenseless against an imminent alien invasion?

Just beyond human space, the crows are circling. Across the DMZ, the Rotham Republic prepares its war fleets with hungry eyes fixed on the weakened Empire. Spurred on to war by the pervasive Rahajiim, a shadowy organization that has struck a dark deal with the nightmarish Enclave.

Meanwhile Summers races to destroy the rest of the isotome weapons before they are used, Nimoux struggles to escape an unlikely prison planet, Shen copes with his strange new life, and Calvin hunts for the true puppetmaster. Desperate to discover the deepest layer of the conspiracy before it's too late. And in the shadows behind it all, Blackmoth brews a storm of chaos, hell-bent on subjecting the galaxy to the dark design of his One-True-God.

The Phoenix War Review

  • Great Segway in the series

    By Davidpawilliams
    Very gripping story, and has an awesome action sequence. Leaves the reader hanging on for the next book. Hopefully it's an Audio book! 🙏🏽
  • Love the series

    By Grizzz1
    Great development of cast and plot. Can not wait for the next book
  • Great Series

    By Blondie19930811
    This series is great. I love the science fiction with the religion aspect with a hint of government conspiracy. I wish the fifth book was on iBooks.
  • Tiresome

    By Ejmavdg
    Eventually, I grew tired of the series. There is so much redundancy, so many of the characters have this incessant internal/3rd person monologue, And as one who lives by the motto why use three words when you can use 10, even I found it to be incredibly wordy.
  • Engaging and smart

    By Wxbill
    All three books were refreshing, well written and worthy of more editions. Reminds me of the Rama series. Just what I hoped to find in the world of good SF.
  • The Phoenix Conspiracy series

    By Slowpoke 64
    I just completed the fourth book, the Phoenix War, and it is a testimony to what is good about this series that I read the four books as fast as I could download them. The storyline continues to draw me in and hold my interest. I agree with another reviewer that there's a great deal of introspection by the characters in the fourth book. The fact that I noticed it, independently, and that it distracted my attention, suggests that perhaps there's too much of this, but I don't mind it in principle. I find the storyline very complex, but seemingly well–thought through. I am constantly learning little pieces of interesting information that suggest a bigger picture taking shape, but I still don't have the full picture, and that is quite intriguing. Importantly, the writing suggest that there is a bigger picture, not that we are just wandering off on a wild goose chase. However, from time to time, the writing seems markedly uneven. For long stretches, it is fluid enough that I either don't notice it at all (which is a good thing), or I noticed that there is something nice about a turn of phrase or idea. However, from time to time the writing degenerates and seems almost crude. It's hard to believe that these sections are written by the same person. I eagerly downloaded the book about Silverwind, and immediately thought that that book was by a different author, as the writing was, in my opinion very far below the level of the writing in the Phoenix Conspiracy. However, I stuck with it for a while, and I found writing that sometimes was quite nice, like in the Phoenix Conspiracy, and then, as I kept reading the Phoenix conspiracy itself, I noticed some of the same crude writing there. The reason I kept reading the Silverwind book, is that the storyline itself was somehow intriguing, which also reminded me of the Phoenix Conspiracy. For many reasons, I would have given this series 5 stars, but the unevenness of the writing is so dramatic in my opinion, that I felt I needed to reduce to at least four, maybe three stars. It is the depth and intrigue of the story, and the way it keeps drawing me in, they convinced me to stick at four. Thank you Mr. Sanders, I am really enjoying your books.
  • Please book 5!

    By Vitriolic Explosion
    I love your series and I can't wait until book 5!!
  • The Phoenix conspiracy

    By Guthwi
    I love the series. Keep up the good work and looking forward to see the next one!
  • I love the series!

    I've read all the books so far and I've been entertained and intrigued the whole time! I love reading about the technology, space travel and to read the unraveling mystery of the conspiracy. Richard L Sanders: If you choose to continue this series with many more books, I will read all of them! It is one my favorite pleasure reading books!
  • Losing luster

    By Chrisnapos
    I enjoyed the first two books thoroughly but the 3rd book seemed to drag. This 4th installment did not keep my interest. Not enough action and a lot of characters talking to themselves...for pages and pages. I felt that there should be some type of conclusion but it never came..only an epic battle. I felt there was a lot of potential and I hope the next one brings closure with a lot more of excitement.