Book cover - The Perfect Family - Author Kathryn Shay

The Perfect Family

Author Kathryn Shay

  • Release Date: 2013-10-28
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Our score: 4.5
From 47 Ratings

The Perfect Family Summary

The Perfect Family - ***A book of women’s fiction.

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author delivers heartfelt family scenes, biting social commentary and a unique look the healing power of forgiveness.

“I recommend this book highly. It is a must read for anyone dealing with coming out to their family, friends, and coworkers.” David Parker, PFLAG

What happens to the perfect family when a teenage boy comes out? That’s the question the Davidson family must deal with. Jamie, the gay son, just wants to live his life out of the shadows. Maggie, mother, teacher and psychologist, will do anything to protect her child, even side with him against her husband. Mike, a loving, giving father can’t reconcile his beloved Catholic Church’s indictment of homosexuality with his deep unconditional love for his boy. And Brian longs for things to go back to the way they were before the jocks at school started to taunt his brother and turn against him. But when tragedy strikes Jamie’s new boyfriend, they all begin to look at their lives differently and work harder to save their perfect family.

Praise for THE PERFECT FAMILY from people in all walks of life:

“After twenty years of educating on gay issues, I found THE PERFECT FAMILY a fresh, soulful and enlightening story.” Scott Fearing, Outreach Director, The Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley

“The book should be in school libraries, psychologists’ offices and on teachers’ book shelves!” Stacy B. Killings, Certified School Psychologist

"It's been a long time since I've read a book that so comprehensively and compellingly speaks to a teenager's coming out experience." Reverend Lee Ann Bryce, United Church of Christ Minister

“Warmly poignant, realistic, dramatic and honestly presented, Shay’s story is an engrossing family saga for the modern world.” RT Book Reviews

The Perfect Family Review

  • Perfect Family Review

    By Mary's stories
    Just finished this wonderful book that tells a story of hardship and love conquering many difficult issues. I was pleasantly surprised with the deep story lines that were followed through to completion. I am sure much of this story is a good example of difficulties a person faces when coming out to the world. Like some characters, not everyone will be supportive in life but hopefully culture will continue to change for the better. Tears were shed both sad and happy during this great read. Thank you for sharing a firsthand perspective on these issues.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    By Gator 171
    Needs to be a sequel written!!!! Great writing!!!! Please consider another one with this family!!!!
  • The Perfect Family

    By Fun seeker2
    Great story! Couldn't put it down. Heart warming and heartfelt story. A must read!
  • Couldn't stop reading!! Intoxicatingly amazing!

    By Krosas226
    This book has opened my eyes to a lot of issues. I've always been an "ally" and this just reminds me of the constant fight for equality towards all humans!! I couldn't stop reading. Hope the author will write a second book as an update to the whole situation.
  • Beautifully and Tragically Relevant

    By Jiminix83
    As a gay man that has been out for twelve years - at age 18 - I was very much impressed by how deeply this book spoke to me. Even though my coming out was dramatically less dramatic than Jamie's, I am well aware of how tragic the process can be for young men, women, their families, and friends. I was captured by this author's story, and recommend it to anyone. Aside from a relevant coming out story to me, it's simply a damned good read. Through so much of the pain and heartache, I found all of my tears were of pure joy.
  • The Perfect Family

    By Spaarkler
    I super enjoyed this book. The subject matter is very interesting and the book was written with love, sincerity, and with truth. I will be reading more of Ms Shay's books. Thank you for sharing and certainly keep on keeping on.