Book cover - Shaquille Shattered Dreams - Author Big Cat Rescue

Shaquille Shattered Dreams

Author Big Cat Rescue

  • Release Date: 2016-01-24
  • Genre: Nature

Shaquille Shattered Dreams Summary

Shaquille Shattered Dreams - What does a leopard dream of?  
Shaquille's life was nightmare until he came to spend his last years at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.
Shaq arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 3/4/96. He is retired from a nightclub act in Las Vegas. 
He arrived with a cougar whose face and head had been so severely beaten that she arrived with an infection in her brain from the open wounds and has since died.  
We were told that Shaq's former owner beat him to the point that the skull around his eyes has been so badly damaged that the eyelids roll in, causing his eyes to tear a lot.  Perhaps they are tears for all of his kindred spirits who are still made to perform for man's entertainment.