Book cover - Her Rancher Rescuer - Author Donna Alward

Her Rancher Rescuer

Author Donna Alward

  • Release Date: 2014-02-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

Her Rancher Rescuer Summary

Her Rancher Rescuer - Small-Town Girl, Big-Time Crush 

Amy Wilson longs to escape the pointed barbs and knowing looks that come with having a certain reputation in a small town. A temp job with CEO and rancher Jack Shepard seems to offer a way out, if only she can stay focused on her goal. 

Former world-class athlete Jack is as relationship-phobic as they come, so he's not worried that the soul-shattering kiss he and Amy shared will affect their working partnership. She's a girl who's going places, but Jack starts to wish that maybe he could tag along for the ride….