Book cover - A Point of Pride - Author Liz Fielding

A Point of Pride

Author Liz Fielding

  • Release Date: 2013-12-06
  • Genre: Contemporary

A Point of Pride Summary

A Point of Pride - At eighteen, Casey O’Connor had fallen in love with one of her father’s workmen. She saw their future as wedding bells and happy ever after, but when she realised that she was going to be just another notch on Gil Blake's bedhead her world shattered. Hurting and distraught, she threatened to have him sacked. The next day he’s gone and she discovers that it’s not just her world that’s broken, but her heart.

Six years later, and with her father about to go bankrupt, Gil Blake is back. The attraction is just a powerful, the emotion just as strong, but this is no fairytale reunion. No longer a builder’s labourer, but oozing power and wealth, Gil coldly whistles and Casey – desperate to save her father’s company – is obliged to dance to his tune. And her heart breaks all over again.