Book cover - Wake Up Inspired - Author Chris Walker

Wake Up Inspired

Author Chris Walker

  • Release Date: 2013-12-14
  • Genre: Self-Improvement

Wake Up Inspired Summary

Wake Up Inspired - You want more love in your life. We all want more love in our life. You want it and you’ll do everything you can to cause it. And one thing in particular that can make a quantum leap in bringing more love into your life is… waking up, every morning, inspired.

To wake up inspired means your heart is filled with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for what has passed, enthusiasm for what is, and enthusiasm for what can be. 

From time to time you might get confused about this. You might think you wake up to go to work or wake up to go swimming or wake up to go to the bathroom. You might get confused that something needs to be done in order to bring more love into your life. This is a conventional and common confusion. But it is wrong.

All you need to do to have more love in your life is to commit yourself to one thing: to wake up inspired.

Why does waking up inspired bring more love into your life? Because when you wake up inspired you’ve lived yesterday like a hero. You’ve lived with gratitude. You’ve eaten well and done well and have coached yourself well. And, because today, this day ahead is a day you have planned meticulously. Not just planned what you do, or how, but how you will think, feel and be toward others. You will have a heart that is open to love all day today. And finally, because right now, this second that you’ve opened your eyes, you are in the most wonderful place you could dream. You are here, in this place, right now and there is no greater perfection than to be here, in this amazing universe, with your heart beating, your eyes open, your mind ticking. You are alive.


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