Book cover - A Man's Promise - Author Brenda Jackson

A Man's Promise

Author Brenda Jackson

  • Release Date: 2014-05-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 103 Ratings

A Man's Promise Summary

A Man's Promise - A man's word is his bond. His family is his strength. His heart is his own. 

Superstar musician Caden Granger has spent years running from love, commitment and family. Yet despite his fame and fortune, he knows the kind of respect and adoration he needs can only come from one person—the very woman who wants nothing to do with him. 

Charity volunteer and owner of a wine boutique, Shiloh Timmons finally got her life on track once her relationship with Caden ended, and she's in no hurry to revisit a romance with the man who believes she left him standing at the altar. 

If Caden can't have Shiloh by his side, all the success in the world will mean nothing. Now he has a chance to renew his promises…but is it too late?

A Man's Promise Review

  • Absolutely Amazing!!

    By Yajydak
    Can't wait for Daltons story. Great job as usual.
  • Disappointed

    By Don't befooled
    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! All the reviews are true, I will not be buying the third book, she should rewrite this book and remove characters and focus on some main characters, there is too much going on, chapters should be combined and many chapters should be taken out and/or revised. Caden and Shiloh stories were horrible the plot is dwindling down and buy the end of the book I really could care less how the story ends. I've recommended brenda jackson to every reader I encounter I have every book she has ever written but this was beyond disappointing.
  • Can't wait

    By Lakeflower
    I can't wait for Dalton's story. In awe about Seddrick. Too many things tumbling around in my head to figure out who killed Sylvia. But, good work Brenda Jackson. 2015 can't come soon enough.
  • Disappointed

    By Tanya_DST
    This story felt unfinished. Too many competing characters and as a result was a very disjointed read. I am a huge Brenda Jackson fan and she has never disappointed....until now! I kept reading hoping it would get better but unfortunately it didn't. There was not sultry, sensual steamy ending, which is very uncharacteristic for Brenda! #Fail I absolutely love the Granger brothers and hope to see a great story about Dalton and Jules!!
  • Absolute brilliance!!

    By Bonenursepractitioner
    Brenda Jackson has done it again! I don't know how she keeps doing it! Again I pre-ordered this book and got it just before midnight. When I should've been asleep I could not put it down! So many parts, so many relationships, so many situations, and Brenda managed to weave them all together at the end. Caden and Shiloh...what a pair!! These two were so in love. I have yet to figure out why Mr. Timmons wanted to desperately to keep them apart other than the fact that Caden's father had been accused of murdering his mother. There is some hidden ugliness to come out in part 3 (Dalton’s Story). Though it took nearly losing Caden to bring Shiloh to her senses it all came full circle. Caden wanted to SHOW Shiloh that he loved her. He had beat himself up for not being there for her when she needed him so desperately, for not trusting HER. He didn't want there to be any doubt about it in her mind about him loving her and wanting her. He kept telling her that he loved her, even when she didn’t want to hear it, even when she denied loving him. Even when he couldn't get to her he was showing her that he loved her. That's what reopened her heart to him. Caden's patience when he saw Shiloh out with Wallace prove to her how much he loved her. He was angry and hurt but he was set on getting her back. They showed the world that because of their foundation of friendship and then love, they were able to push past all of the alleged indiscretions and finally come together as they should have always been. When it is determined that two people belong together outside forces can only prolong the inevitable. I think that their life lesson was that direct communication is so very important. Regardless. Dalton was absolutely precious in this one. He seemed to see life through the eyes of a small child but it always makes sense. He was carefree and quite knowing when it came down to affairs of the heart. Who knew? Except when it came to his heart… I couldn’t keep from laughing out loud...while reading as I sat at the dealership having my car serviced…when Dalton kept giving the condom lectures. Glad to see Shana and Jace so happy. And glad to know that and spite of the misjudgment cast upon Shep, he too has found love, and his heart is not hardened. Oh and let's not forget Ben and Mona. What a beautiful loving couple. That there are some things worth waiting for. In spite of the hand that Mona was dealt she managed to lose and gain everything in the same life. I just love the way Ben was so attentive to her and made her feel loved. The fact that he even considered giving her a child if they were younger was so precious. He was so loving and so patient with her and it was all worth it. But, what the hell? What is up with Sedrick and Wallace? I'm wondering who's pulling Sedrick's strings. I'm pretty certain that Wallace has a part in all of this. Oh but Jace, Caden, and Dalton Granger...what a force to reckon with. Add Shana, Shiloh...and yes Jules...and you got yourself a handful. Sedrick is in for a nuclear holocaust when these guys find out what he did!! I cannot wait for part three!!!! I bow down to your brilliance Brenda. You're all that!! Just a note… Shep & Carson and Ben & Mona need their own stories!! ~Sheila


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