Book cover - The Secular Wizard - Author Christopher Stasheff

The Secular Wizard

Author Christopher Stasheff

  • Release Date: 2013-12-26
  • Genre: Fantasy

The Secular Wizard Summary


In sunny Latruria, the wicked old king was dead, and the new king 
spurned the rule of Evil. But turmoil began to spread, even across the 
border, when the new king also resisted Good! In nearby Merovence, Lord 
Wizard Matt Mantrell donned a disguise and set off to investigate--never 
dreaming that Latruria's sinister prime minister was mobilizing his 

"Minstrel" Matt sang his way south, dodging deadly enemies and music 
critics alike. He was teamed with a lovesick lad, menaced by a 
manticore, haunted by a ghost from Greece, and swept along in a flood of 
youngsters fleeing the provinces for the "glamour" of the city. But when 
they all washed up in the capital, harsh reality awaited them, not 
gold-paved streets.

And even harsher reality awaited Matt. The Lord Wizard faced the 
ultimate test of magic--and he would need a lot of help to pass!


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