Book cover - Night After Night... - Author Kristin Gabriel

Night After Night...

Author Kristin Gabriel

  • Release Date: 2014-02-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Night After Night... Summary

Night After Night... - Talk about chemistry!

Subjects: Mia Maldonado, Nate Cafferty
Experiment: To study the effects of sleeping with a stranger
Observations: Vital signs of both subjects are off the charts— and they aren't doing any sleeping!

When Mia agrees to take her friend's place in a sleep study, she never dreams she'll be sharing a bed with Nate Cafferty— a very fine specimen, if she does say so herself. Still, her life is too complicated right now to start messing around with a guy so hot he could make her forget her own name. And that would be a fatal mistake….

Private investigator Nate hopes that posing as a research subject will allow him to get close to this mysterious woman who isn't who she claims to be. But he can't seem to focus on anything but the seductress he's sleeping with! How can he uncover all her secrets…when all he wants to do is play under the covers with her instead?


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