Book cover - Sketches: An Erotic Collection - Author Benjamin Smith

Sketches: An Erotic Collection

Author Benjamin Smith

  • Release Date: 2013-01-29
  • Genre: Erotica

Sketches: An Erotic Collection Summary

Sketches: An Erotic Collection - In this brief collection of erotic stories, art and sex come together with seven exciting and illicit tales…

RUNNING SHOES: Two college friends discover passion after a mid-summer run through the rain.

ESCAPE: Sometimes love requires stolen moments spent far away from prying eyes.

PHOEBUS APOLLO: People-watching can become an addictive hobby.

KIT: A boring business trip turns into something of a supernatural adventure for one lucky woman.

WHEN THE WOMEN DRIVE: A party with friends turns into a bot walk on the wild side.

FERAL: A lost hiker has a wild encounter with a preternatural partner.

SERVICE: A restaurant manager has an illicit night of passion with a member of her service team.