Book cover - All White Girls - Author Michael Bracken

All White Girls

Author Michael Bracken

  • Release Date: 2014-03-17
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

All White Girls Summary

All White Girls - They're dying in the fleshpits in the Windy City. They're all white girls. One young woman is missing. Another is dead. They were drawn to the Windy City like moths to a flame, but the city's bright lights can't illuminate every dark corner. Hidden in the alleys and back streets and in a three-block long stretch of strip clubs and adult book stores are the men who prey on young women like these: the pedophiles, pimps, and pornographers.
When former partners, unlicensed private investigator Big Dick Rickenbacher and Homicide Lieutenant Salvador Castellano, find their cases overlapping in this violent world of sexual depravity, old flames rekindle, old secrets finally surface, and old crimes demand retribution.

An erotically charged hardboiled noir mystery!

"ALL WHITE GIRLS is a one-sitting, in-your-face, rapid-fire, hard-boiled mystery: and it's damn good.... This is not a book to lend to your mother (at least not my mother). ALL WHITE GIRLS is full of sexual depravity. But oh is it fun!"--David Meerman Scott, I Love A Mystery Newsletter.

"...this is one of the best pieces of hard-boiled fiction I've read in a long time. It's lean, it's short, and it left me feeling like I'd been dumped in an alley behind one of strip clubs in the story. 'All White Girls' is a sorely needed reinvention of the tired serial killer tale." --James Winter, Plots With Guns!


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