Book cover - God First - Author J.D. Greear & Trevin Wax

God First

Author J.D. Greear & Trevin Wax

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Christianity

God First Summary

God First - The Gospel Project: God First is a six-session study by J.D. Greear and Trevin Wax that takes a theological view of our relationship with God. It reminds us that the law of God given in the Old Testament, contrary to popular opinion, is an expression of God's love. By it we recognize our sin, our need for a Savior, and the path of service to both God and others. The pinnacle of the law is the Ten Commandments, which addresses our relationship with God first. This study will help participants understand that the God who made us, loves us, and saves us is worthy of our exclusive worship, honor, and obedience. The Group Member Book includes a small-group experience, applicable Scripture, and individual study created for personal discipleship. Great for adults, small groups, home groups, accountability groups, personal devotion, retreat curriculum. Purchase one for each participant. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered series examining the grand narrative of Scripture and how the gospel transforms lives. When we see how all the Scriptures point to Jesus, we allow the gospel to work on us, move through us, and ultimately, transform us. We become God's gospel project.

Sessions titles:
• God First in Love and Pursuit
• God First in Religious Intent
• God First in All of Life
• God First in Revealing Himself 
• God First in Name and Renown
• God First in Our Work and Rest

• Individual study with emphasis in discipleship 
• Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content 
• Group leader help 
• Application of key theological tenets 
• 6 Group Sessions


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