Book cover - Ouroboros Episode One - Author Odette C. Bell

Ouroboros Episode One

Author Odette C. Bell

  • Release Date: 2014-04-24
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Our score: 4
From 226 Ratings

Ouroboros Episode One Summary

Ouroboros Episode One - Not all of us are born equal. Some exceed every expectation and excel in every task. Some of us can't even get out of bed in the morning.

Such is life for Cadet Nida Harper. She's universally known as the worst recruit in the Academy. It's not for want of trying; she's just cursed with universal bad luck. Every accident that could happen, does happen.

So it's no surprise when she winds up unconscious on a field mission. It is a surprise when the dreams start. Visions of stars falling from the heavens and civilizations crumbling to dust.

The only silver lining comes in golden boy Carson Blake. The hero of the Academy, he takes an interest in her. But he'll have to act fast to stop what will happen next.... 

In Episode One, you are thrust into a sprawling sci-fi adventure that throws you across the galaxy and far through time. Carson and Nida are pitted against brutal space pirates, mysterious powers, and the greatest enemy of all - the unknown.

All four installments of the Ouroboros series are currently available, so start the journey today....

Ouroboros Episode One Review

  • Read a few pages in and gave up

    By Loki633
    Poorly thought out sentence structure. Too many passive verbs. Irregular use of action sentences. Un essential, cliche dialogue. Regretful.
  • A delightful page turner.

    By Tammicute
    Enjoyed the progression and found the end of book too soon.
  • Entertaining / unexpected

    By Old Coqui
    An excellent basis for a series. Well written.
  • Nice

    By dalask
    I really enjoyed this book I’m just really confused bc the summary calls him Lucas yet in the book he is Carson Blake?????
  • Works as a SciFi written for adults but...

    By gnarlyis3
    Works to be read by adults but kinda comes across as a YA story (17- 20 year old I think). That said, it refrains from 'she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not' angst and sticks with the main plot quite well. It's a little hard-core SciFi for the average YA story, not enough optimism as the story progresses, but a little on the young side to be targeted towards adults. I did like the book. The characters started out interesting and they only became more so as personalities and motivations were revealed. The plot, as it started out seemed very cliché - unpopular girl stumbles into a secret that somehow makes her 'special'. This story had twists worth continued reading. It didn't end as expected. One thing I'm not fond of though, although the story doesn't finish on a cliff-hanger (which I can't stand!) it still leaves the ending so open for the next book in the series that I found it rather dissatisfying. I suggest you wait to read it until you are ready to buy the complete series.


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