Book cover - Least Likely to Wed - Author Judy Christenberry

Least Likely to Wed

Author Judy Christenberry

  • Release Date: 2014-05-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Least Likely to Wed Summary

Least Likely to Wed - SEALED WITH A…SLAP?

The kiss was desperate, passionate, leaving Kelly Hampton no alternative but to smack the sinfully sexy cowboy who'd taken liberty with her lips. Didn't matter that Pete Crawford was her best friend's brother. Didn't matter that he'd handpicked her to foil a fortune-hunting femme fatale's advances. Pete was a cowboy, and Kelly had the broken heart and fatherless baby boy to prove that cowboys couldn't be trusted.

What if Pete doted on Drew, becoming the dad her child had never known? What if he proved to be more a gentleman during their "pretense" than anyone she'd ever known? The irrefutable truth was that neither of them intended to wed…ever.

Then Pete kissed her again….