Book cover - Being an Effective Teamleader - Author Yolandie Mostert

Being an Effective Teamleader

Author Yolandie Mostert

  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance

Being an Effective Teamleader Summary

Being an Effective Teamleader - Learning how to be an affective teamleader summarized in just a few pages what is important to be a good team leader and how to deal with your team members

The following is in the course outline:

How to be an effective team Leader
What is a team leader?
The personality of a team leader
Having the right attitude
Task management
Time management
Dealing with Conflict
Conflicting issues regarding racism
Dealing with religious conflict
Training of Team members
Training Needs Analysis
Priority training needs
Self enhancement Training
Scheduling meetings
Consulting specialists
Working effectively with resources
Allocating time off
Be objective
Have backup procedures in place
Cost effectiveness
Do proper research
Hiring the right employees
Don’t get manipulated
Do proper evaluation
Delegating tasks
Human rights act
Basic conditions of employment Act

What to do when team member wants to leave the company