Book cover - Natural Hazards: Second Edition - Author Edward Bryant

Natural Hazards: Second Edition

Author Edward Bryant

  • Release Date: 2004-11-16
  • Genre: Science & Nature

Natural Hazards: Second Edition Summary

Natural Hazards: Second Edition - Natural hazards afflict all corners of the Earth; often unexpected, seemingly unavoidable and frequently catastrophic in their impact. This revised edition is a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary treatment of the full range of natural hazards. Accessible, readable and well supported by over 180 maps, diagrams and photographs, it is a standard text for students and an invaluable guide for professionals in the field. Clearly and concisely, the author describes and explains how hazards occur, examines prediction methods, considers recent and historical hazard events and explores the social impact of such disasters. This revised edition, first published in 2005, makes good use of the wealth of recent research into climate change and its effects.


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