Book cover - Anna Karenina - Author Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina

Author Leo Tolstoy

  • Release Date: 2014-06-25
  • Genre: Classics

Anna Karenina Summary

Anna Karenina - Anna Karenina is a novel by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (translated by Constance Garnett). Widely regarded as a pinnacle in realist fiction, Tolstoy considered Anna Karenina his first true novel, when he came to consider War and Peace to be more than a novel. Fyodor Dostoyevsky declared it to be «flawless as a work of art». His opinion was shared by Vladimir Nabokov, who especially admired «the flawless magic of Tolstoy’s style», and by William Faulkner, who described the novel as «the best ever written».