Book cover - Death Embraces - Author J.C. Diem

Death Embraces

Author J.C. Diem

  • Release Date: 2013-06-04
  • Genre: Fantasy
Our score: 4.5
From 267 Ratings

Death Embraces Summary

Death Embraces - Natalie Pierce awakens to find herself buried in a box that strongly resembles a coffin. After some initial confusion she remembers that she has become a member of a very exclusive club; the living dead.

Natalie has three important tasks ahead of her. One: escape from her underground prison. Two: hunt down the creature responsible for imprisoning her. Three: discover who or what is behind the cause of the sentient shadows that only she can see.

According to an ancient prophecy, it is her destiny to wipe out the vast bulk of her own kind. Despite all of the weird and wacky powers that Nat has gained, it seems that not even Mortis can avoid her fate.

Death Embraces Review

  • What happened here???

    By Jcecmcoc
    My iBook app converts this book to 680 pages, 105 of those pages was entirely about nat digging herself out and putting herself back together. The whole book seems like "fluff". Like the author was just trying to stretch out a short story into a book. Very disappointing follow up to such a great first book.


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