Book cover - Supreme Sandwich Recipes - Author Felicia D. Rollamo

Supreme Sandwich Recipes

Author Felicia D. Rollamo

  • Release Date: 2014-07-29
  • Genre: Methods

Supreme Sandwich Recipes Summary

Supreme Sandwich Recipes - How about if I show you how you can create 52 healthy sandwiches that can be made in less than 5 minutes?
If you have a sandwich maker or are thinking of getting one then the “Supreme Sandwich’ is the recipe guide you want to get.
A good healthy breakfast is the foundation for a great day. The ‘Ultimate Sandwich’ manual was created with this in mind but also has brunch, lunch and dinner sandwich ideas. With 52 sandwiches to choose from you have variety in addition to a healthy start to the day.
The ‘Supreme Sandwich’ was a guide I created for busy moms, college students, the young professional and teenagers.
The book is divided into the following sections;
- Breakfast Sandwiches
- Brunch Sandwiches
- Lunch Sandwiches
- Dinner Sandwiches
Some of the sandwiches you will learn to make include;
- Bacon, Egg  and Hash brown delight (breakfast)
- The Sam I am Sandwich (breakfast)
- The Monte Cristo Melt (brunch)
- Banana, Strawberry, Brie and Nutella Sandwich (brunch)
- Mexi-Melt Sandwich (lunch)
- Bacon, Egg and Guacamole Sandwich (lunch)
- Meatloaf Sandwich (dinner)
- Lasagne Sandwich (dinner)
And many more healthy sandwiches that you will enjoy making and eating.