Book cover - The Texan's Tiny Dilemma - Author Judy Christenberry

The Texan's Tiny Dilemma

Author Judy Christenberry

  • Release Date: 2014-11-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Texan's Tiny Dilemma Summary

The Texan's Tiny Dilemma - 4 Months + 5 Months = Baby!

As good as accountant Jim Schofield was with figures—he could count back and tell when Teresa got pregnant—he was bad with words like commitment and marriage. But when the stubborn Texan realized he was going to be a father, his bachelor days were numbered!

1 Man + 1 Love = Marriage?

Teresa Tyler had vowed not to burden Jim Schofield with the consequences of their one night together. But after having figured out her predicament, he was proposing a marriage for the sake of their babies. How could Teresa take Jim's help, his protection, and not have a chance at his love?