Book cover - Silken Threats - Author Addison Fox

Silken Threats

Author Addison Fox

  • Release Date: 2015-02-01
  • Genre: Suspense

Silken Threats Summary

Silken Threats - Everyone has secrets, and some will kill to keep them buried… 

It started with a break-in. And though normally wedding dress designer Cassidy Tate could have handled it, having Tucker Buchanan's strong arms, quick wits and great dog as backup was reassuring! The former army engineer turned architect was the perfect guy in an emergency—and the fact that he was willing to pick up the pieces was even more appealing. 

Because it turned out it wasn't a simple robbery. Someone was after something in the shop Cassidy and her fellow bridal boutique owners shared. Now Tucker didn't want to let Cassidy out of his sight. But was that to protect her—or claim her for his own?