Book cover - The Duke's Disaster - Author Grace Burrowes

The Duke's Disaster

Author Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Genre: Historical
Our score: 4.5
From 180 Ratings

The Duke's Disaster Summary

The Duke's Disaster - She'd fallen.
And the duke, for entirely pragmatic reasons, would catch her.

Noah Winters, Duke of Anselm, needs a wife, and Lady Thea should make a good, obedient duchess. Noah prides himself on his practicality, so he's dismayed when his engagement to Lady Thea embroils him in nothing but trouble. Is he courting a duchess of convenience or a ducal disaster?

Lady Thea has fallen on hard times, and accepts His Grace's proposal because he shows every indication of being a distant and manageable husband. When the duke intrudes into every aspect of Thea's life, and adds humor, tenderness, and passionate kisses to their bargain, Thea must take His Grace firmly in hand…

"Grace Burrowes is terrific!"—Julia Quinn
"Smart, sexy, and oh-so-romantic"—Mary Balogh
"Exquisitely crafted, intensely memorable."—Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

The Duke's Disaster Review

  • Accidentally read it for the second time.

    By Analoes
    I’ve always liked Burrowes but forgot this book because I’d read it a long time ago. Then the plot began to feel familiar - it was good enough to read a second time. High praise indeed! I like good writing and I like a romance book that doesn’t have copious sexual scenes. In other words, I appreciate more plot than sex. Don’t get me wrong, I like my porn just not mixed into a well written romance novel. Thea and Noah are well drawn out characters as are both their families and I think you will as well. Enjoy!
  • Warmth x 10

    By TheOriginalPOG
    Perhaps the warmest historical romance I’ve ever red. Surprisingly funny, in an almost modern way, with elegant, wickedly-clever writing. I’d never read Grace Burrowes, and now I feel I must spend the month reading ALL Grace Burrowes. Highly recommend.
  • Just lovely

    By Jnelle87
    A delightful, and unexpectedly funny book
  • Great Protagonists

    By El Chicken SMCL
    Great characterizations all around with especially endearing protagonists
  • What a Delight

    By LindaByrd
    Grace Burrowes is my new addiction. I've read all her books and I swear she's just getting better. The language throughout The Duke's Disaster was formal ... much as the characters were. There is a lot of humor in the story and gentleness. I'm sorry to have finished the book, I would like to spend more time with the characters.
  • With wonderful interactions, determined characters, revelations, descriptions and humor

    By glhince
    Noah, Earl of Anselm is the protector and head of the family. Knowing his position, and the need for a suitable bride, he has spent the season weeding out the current crop to find the perfect, young, biddable bride. There’s only one glitch. She doesn’t realy want to marry him, and accepts another man’s offer. Now, with a season wasted and him no closer to the marriage he needs so desperately, he’s in a quandary. But, his intended target did have one quality that is helpful: her friend and companion Thea. Noah shifts his focus to courting Thea, coming on strong and not taking her reticence as a possible problem, but mere missishness. But, Thea’s desires are to protect her young sister, and she knows that as the wife of an Earl, she is one step closer to that goal. She does, however, have a secret that she needs to share with Noah, but he’s not giving her the chance. This is a marriage of convenience to a man who claims to not be nice, but Thea sees a far different man than Noah would hope to project: honorable, loyal and protective of what is his. Of course, her secret is revealed, and it is rough going for a while there, but what Thea has come to show is her inner core of strength and determination to protect her own family, and that common element between them becomes a small bridge to their happy ending. Development of these characters was replete with detail and emotional moments that allow readers to empathize and understand their faults, hopes and dreams, and to appreciate them even more. With wonderful interactions, determined characters, revelations, descriptions and humor, this is an historical romance to please many. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.