Book cover - The Avalon Chanter - Author Lillian Stewart Carl

The Avalon Chanter

Author Lillian Stewart Carl

  • Release Date: 2014-11-02
  • Genre: Women Sleuths

The Avalon Chanter Summary

The Avalon Chanter - A grave mistake . . .

Small Farnaby Island lies just beyond the holy isle of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumberland. Farnaby-born archaeologist Maggie Lauder has personal reasons for trying to prove the island is the Avalon of Arthurian legend. When she opens a tomb in a medieval chantry chapel, she plans to cause headlines. And cause headlines she does, for all the wrong reasons.

The story that Jean Fairbairn planned to write about Maggie’s historic discovery is shadowed by a contemporary investigation. Her husband, Scottish ex-cop Alasdair Cameron, discovers he has a history with the investigating detective—if not as long a history as Maggie does.

But does history trace a direct line from past to present? Or is it interlaced like the patterns decorating the Lindisfarne Gospels, generations of men and women weaving destiny with desire?

Jean and Alasdair are stranded on Farnaby, caught in the conflicting loyalties of its inhabitants, in memories lost and secrets laid bare. They can trust only each other—or so they think, until they find themselves on opposite sides of a cold case turned scorching hot.