Book cover - The Mighty Quinns: Eli - Author Kate Hoffmann

The Mighty Quinns: Eli

Author Kate Hoffmann

  • Release Date: 2015-04-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Mighty Quinns: Eli Summary

The Mighty Quinns: Eli - An X-rated adventure of a lifetime 

Love of the wilderness runs deep in Eli Montgomery. The father he never knew, mountaineer Max Quinn, shared that passion for the untamed—and never staying in one place for long. But surviving in the wild requires experience. So when Eli learns that a TV personality is spending the next year living in his grandmother's remote cabin for a reality show, Eli is convinced the woman will need his help. 

Lucy Parker is determined to adhere to the strict guidelines of this challenge: no assistance. But the second Eli Montgomery shows up in all his rugged hotness, Lucy's craving for caramel lattes is immediately replaced by a much more primal, sensual hunger. And out here, no one will know if she breaks all the rules.