Book cover - One Night, Two Babies - Author Kathie DeNosky

One Night, Two Babies

Author Kathie DeNosky

  • Release Date: 2009-09-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

One Night, Two Babies Summary

One Night, Two Babies - Heiress Arielle Garnier was pregnant and the father-to-be was nowhere in sight—until he barged into her office. Zach Forsythe, billionaire resort owner, was the same man she'd had a week-long affair with. How could she trust Zach when he'd lied about his name and left her without a word?

He hadn't forgotten the auburn-haired siren who'd given him seven days of bliss. Though finding her again…expecting his twins…was a surprise. As was her refusal of his marriage proposal. It seemed Arielle wanted love with her wedding ring.


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