Book cover - PARTY GIRLS - Author Sarah Mlynowski


Author Sarah Mlynowski

  • Release Date: 2014-12-10
  • Genre: Romance


PARTY GIRLS - Two Girls — Emma and Drew. 
Two Big Nights – Prom and Sweet Sixteen 
Two Short Stories – “The Perfect Kiss” and “Your Big Night” 

In the first of these two short stories, “The Perfect Kiss,” Emma is stuck at home over winter break. Her best friend, Mandy, and her boyfriend, Jordan, are partying in Miami with what feels like the rest of the world. Emma’s determined not to obsess about what Jordan’s up to and why he hasn’t called. She has other things to worry about. Like a dress. a plot, and a kiss that will hopefully all come together on the night of her best friend’s sweet sixteen.  

In “Your Big Night,” Prom is Drew’s chance to show Shane, her ex, that she’s moved on. Of course her REAL plan is to make him insanely jealous that he’ll come running back. It’s the perfect plan. Now all she needs is the perfect date. 

Time to put on your corsage and take out your camera. Here come the party girls. 

Praise for Sarah Mlynowski's writing: 

"Hilarious yet poignant"--LA Times 

"Screamingly funny." --Kirkus Reviews

“Mlynowski continues to make comedy look easy.” --Publishers Weekly