Book cover - Chaps and Chance - Author Lili Valente

Chaps and Chance

Author Lili Valente

  • Release Date: 2015-04-14
  • Genre: Western
Our score: 4.5
From 47 Ratings

Chaps and Chance Summary

Chaps and Chance - How far will they go for a second chance?

Cole Lawson’s been a lady killer since the day he realized his dimpled smile made all the cowgirls swoon. But when he discovers his high school friend, Layla Parker, is newly single he's ready to make a serious play for the one who got away.

Years ago, Layla Parker's romantic dreams came true. She married her high school sweetheart and settled in to live happily ever after. But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares… 

After barely surviving her first love, she’s not looking for romance, but it isn’t long before her rekindled friendship with Cole grows into something more—something so sexy and sweet, neither one of them wants to put on the brakes. 

But when a dark secret from the past threatens their shot at forever, Cole will have to decide—listen to his heart or to the people warning him that loving Layla is dangerous.


“…[Chaps and Chance] will leaving you gasping, laughing, and crying at times. It's a great story of a woman finding her inner strength and trying to live life on her terms.” –B. Hansen Reviews 

“The passion which reignites between Cole and Layla will leave you breathless.” –Tami T. For the Book Enthusiast 

“Suspenseful, sexy and sweet. Three 'S' words that means that Chaps and Chance is another stellar installment in this seriously swoony cowboy series.” –Give Me Books Reviews

Chaps and Chance Review

  • Rainbow Sprinkles and Second Chances

    By Szmoromou
    Wow, Jessie Evans just Wow! I loved Cole from the minute I was introduced to him in Glitter and Grit and was so excited to read more about him in Chaps and Chance. Cole is one of the lovely Lawson men, brothers with Bubba from Saddles and Sin. Cole is the man you want on your side. Not only is he HOT, SEXY, SWEET and LOYAL, but also a man to not mess with. He protects his family and friends, especially the woman that he LOVES. Layla Parker is the woman that Cole just couldn't forget. Yea, he may have the player reputation, but no one comes close to his Layla. Layla was always fond of Cole and had deep feelings for him, but chose her high sweetheart to marry. What started as a beautiful courtship quickly changed into a horror. Layla, running away from her abusive husband, brings her back to Lonesome Point and into the arms of Cole. Their chemistry cannot be denied, and although Layla wants to only be friends soon she cannot deny her lust for Cole. She is done being afraid of loving again and Cole is more than ready for his second chance. Twist and tragedy soon effect their blossoming relationship, and both Layla and Cole are left in limbo. Can Layla and Cole overcome all the obstacles standing in their way and finally have their second chance in love? I love this book! There were so many moments that I was laughing and crying. It was filled with sadness, humor, grief, suspense and second chances in love. Thank you Jessie for once again hitting it out of the ball park!
  • Jessie Evans does it again….A Must Read!

    By Trishazg
    Chaps and Chance by Jessie Evans I just finished reading the most compelling book and I wish there was more to read! Chaps and Chance was so well written by Jessie Evans that she draws you in the story and keeps you there until the very end of the book when she writes THE END. I read a lot of books but Jessie Evans has a special way of telling her story in her books. She memorizes the reader and captures your attention and when the end comes you just have to sigh……it’s that good! EXCELLENT READ and you won’t be disappointed. Patricia Greco
  • Cole and Layla and Rainbow Sprinkles

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Jessie's Lonesome Point, TX, series just keeps getting better and better. I know, I say it after each book, but it is absolutely true. When each new installment in the series releases, I know that it's going to have me riveted from the first page, unwilling to do anything but read, and Chaps and Chance delivers in the most wonderful way. Once I met Cole Lawson, there was no way that I was willing or able to do anything but fly through this book as fast as I could. All of the Lawson brothers are yummy, but Cole, mmmmm, Cole. Hot as heck, sexy as sin, and steadfast to the end, he is the stuff that book boyfriends are made of. He's loved Layla Parker since they were kids, and wants nothing more than to put the smile back on her face that years of living with her abusive husband Wayne took away. He knows that it's not often that a second chance at love comes along, and will do whatever it takes to have the happy ending that they missed out on when they were younger. Layla is one strong woman. Having survived ten long years of hell at Wayne's hands, she's emerged smarter and tougher. Left with a heart as battered as her body had been, Layla isn't expecting to find love again, but Cole shows her that sometimes the best things are worth waiting - and fighting - for. "They stared at each other, into each other, until the years and the awkwardness fell away, and for a moment, it was the way it used to be, back when they'd spent hours together, talking and laughing, with only comfortable silences falling between them." Jessie Evans is one of my go-to authors. She delivers angst, passion, sadness, and joy in equal measure with every book, and I look forward to each one with anticipation. I cannot wait to read Ropes and Revenge, John Lawson's book, and to continue my love affair with Lonesome Point. 5+ 'I love a cowboy' stars for Jessie and this gem of a book.
  • Faulous!

    By wizrockfangirl
    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Loved loved loved! Layla and Cole are super likable and I was really glad to read their story. Great romance and fantastic story. The Lonesome Point books are all fabulous reads! Highly recommending every book by Jessie Evans!
  • Excellent Series to fall in love with

    By Crickalina
    Jessie Evans has an amazing ability to pack a wide variety of emotion in a very well written book. Each new book of hers I read is better than the last. Cole and Layla's story is packed with serious, funny, ugly tears, fear and love. This one you will not be able to put down. Lonesome Point, Texas sounds like an amazing place to be. Looking forward to the next book in the series and my happy reader self can name several more characters I'd like to see get a happily ever after.
  • Chaps and Chance

    By JLKeniston
    When I finished this book I truly was in a puddle of emotion! I don't know how Jessie keeps making these books better with everyone. Cole and Layla are no exception in their stormy relationship. Ups, downs and intense moments kept me reading until I was done. True love always wins out!
  • A Review of Chance and Chaps by Jessie Evans

    By janice1231
    Heartbreakingly sad and tender - 5+++ stars We met Layla in Reece and Grayson's book. She is a woman that is trying to get away from a very abusive husband. Layla no longer has dreams of peace or happiness, alone or with someone else. She has basically given up and is a shell of the person everyone knew her to be ten years ago. We learn more about what happened in her marriage and the things that she had to do to finally get away from Wayne. He has been laying low for the last couple of months and she has gotten complacent about her safety, but she will soon find out that Wayne has no intention of letting her go. Cole grew up with Layla and attended school with her and Wayne. He has been pining for her since they were sophmores at school and he let his chance slip away. If he had just asked her out before Wayne did, who knows how differently things would have turned out for all of them. Cole and Layla find an instant connection that cannot be denied, even though she is still legally married. But, when secrets from the past pop up and a tragedy happens, will they be able to get past all of that or will things end in a much more permanant way? Make sure you have tissues close by when you read this one. There are some really sad, tearjerker parts, but you really DON'T want to miss this story. I am soooo looking forward to the next book Jessie comes out with. She is just an AMAZING author and has a way with words that draw you in and make you feel like you are right there with the characters. **Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**