Book cover - The Horseman's Secret - Author Jeannie Watt

The Horseman's Secret

Author Jeannie Watt

  • Release Date: 2007-09-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Horseman's Secret Summary

The Horseman's Secret - Life was supposed to be less complicated here… But it's not working out that way for Regan Flynn. Her new job at the high school came with a difficult boss andan even more difficult twelve-year-old student. And thenthere's the girl's charming cowboy father, the local horsetrainer with a penchant for rescuing damaged creatures.

Will Bishop is doing his best to raise Kylie on his own.But protecting her from the truth just got a lot moredifficult with the arrival of the beautiful new teacher.Any future Will and Regan might have together wouldbe burdened by the secret he can't afford to reveal—to anyone.