Book cover - Iris Cookbook (2014 Edition) - Author iZotope Inc.

Iris Cookbook (2014 Edition)

Author iZotope Inc.

  • Release Date: 2014-11-01
  • Genre: Digital Media

Iris Cookbook (2014 Edition) Summary

Iris Cookbook (2014 Edition) - “Inside you’ll find a number of different recipes designed to help you explore some of the musical possibilities Iris has to offer, from spectral selections to special effects.

Each recipe explains how to achieve a specific sonic result in Iris, using spectral selec-tions and other Iris features.

To help you learn, each recipe comes with an associated preset of the same name. This way you can see and hear an example of what the recipe is trying to teach, plus dive into the deeper settings on your own. The audio files referenced by the recipes are included within the example presets, so you’ll have everything you need—even if you’re just demo’ing Iris. Read on to add flavor to your Drum, Bass, Guitar tracks and more.

To download the Iris Cookbook Presets:

Please note: Instructions for how to import the Cookbook Presets into Iris are included in the ReadMe file within the presets folder.

Explore, enjoy, and most importantly…make great music!

The iZotope Team