Book cover - In His Eyes - Author Peggy L Henderson

In His Eyes

Author Peggy L Henderson

  • Release Date: 2015-01-24
  • Genre: Historical
Our score: 4.5
From 682 Ratings

In His Eyes Summary

In His Eyes - Carefree and strong-willed, Katherine Montgomery is the daughter of a successful Montana horse rancher. When a tragic accident claims her father’s life, Katherine is left to deal with an overbearing mother whose agenda does not include a young daughter. Fate deals her another devastating blow, leaving her to face an uncertain future far away from everything and everyone she’s loved.

Trace Hawley used to push the limits of the law, and no one was going to plan his future for him. The death of the man who always had his back leaves him to finally face responsibility. The promises he made a decade ago have shaped him into the man he is today, and will bring him face to face with the one girl from his past he always tried to avoid.

After a ten year absence, Katherine returns to the ranch she once loved to discover the shocking reason her mother summoned her home. Surprised to find Trace still at the ranch, her childhood infatuation grows into something far stronger as he challenges her to lead the life she once wanted, but seems to have forgotten. When Katherine is forced to make a choice between saving her father’s dreams or following her own, Trace might be the only one who holds the key to both.

In His Eyes Review

  • Just loved this book!

    By Farmer's Wife jess
    It had the right amount of romance and suspense to keep from putting it down for more than a second. It had a very good ending to it.
  • In his eyes

    By May18july19
    Enjoyed this book ! great story line!
  • Review

    By My Passion Is Reading
    This was a sweet historical romance. It started off okay, but became so long winded and repetition of certain events, that I couldn’t stand to read anymore. I skipped to Chapter 18 to read the ending. The book just ended abruptly after the trial. The Epilogue gave a small summary of their life after the trail, but it would have been better to have at least a little more of their life before the book ended. I don’t recommend reading this book.
  • Good read

    By Karina257
    I liked this book but it’s kinda long
  • In His Eyes

    By LoveIIrd
    I truly enjoyed this book. The love and trust between Trace and Katherine was so deep and the ending was perfect!
  • “In His Eyes” by Peggy Henderson

    By J. O'Farrell
    “In His Eyes” is set in western Montana during the mid to late 1880’s. The author describes the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful horse ranch exquisitely. But most important is the character development that takes place in the initial chapters. The reader will love Trace & Katie and despise Katie’s self centered, hateful mother. As their love for one another quickly leads to their marriage, they must also face a horrible accusation and Katie comes through, showing her true strength of character. If the rest of the books in this series are this good, I’ll certainly quickly enjoy reading all of them. Thanks for creating such strong, memorable characters!! Glad to read how you intertwined the Kentucky Derby Winner of 1889 too. “ Names were changed to protect the innocent.” -Jan Farrell Repath
  • In His Eyes

    By Lollipops43
    I loved this story! This is actually the second time I've read this book! I won't say anymore, I cannot stand reviews that are a book report!!!!! Thank you Peggy Henderson! 🌹
  • Awesome !

    By ShanarspiperPurpleSea
    This book is so easy to read and the horse breeding topic is very new to me so I got more hook onto the story line. I like the personality of the characters. Kudos if you are reading this series.
  • Great little story

    By Arlooty
    Nice love story with a little different twist
  • Very well Written

    By MRS-910
    I have read this series in the past and am glad to have found this series again. Good character development, just enough backstory on each, and you begin to care for these characters. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.


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