Book cover - Wilderness of Spring - Author Edgar Pangborn

Wilderness of Spring

Author Edgar Pangborn

  • Release Date: 2015-01-29
  • Genre: Graphic Novels

Wilderness of Spring Summary

Wilderness of Spring - The tale of two brothers who survived a brutal massacre by the french are now dependent on the guidance of their great-uncle, a sea captain.

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Ben could move. He reeled up, shocked into panic, thrashing against sullen-clinging bedclothes. "Ru!" Ben punched and shook him. "God damn it, wake up!" Reuben made an empty noise. "Raid! It's the French!" Reuben leaped under his hand, comprehending. "Here!—your britches. Your shoes—no, bugger it, these're mine, where'd you put yours?" Ben slammed his forehead on the foot of the bed, searching; his nightshirt tripped him and he flung it off. A floor-splinter lanced fire into his knee. He heard two thuds, one below the window, the other in the same instant on the opposite wall. "Ru!"

"Leave off shouting, Ben."

"That bullet——"

"What bullet?"

"Never mind. Will you tell me where your shoes are?"

Reuben could not answer. Joseph Cory's voice fumed at the foot of the stairs: "Come down! Coats—don't forget your coats!"

Ben shouted: "We're coming!" He pursued the shoes under the fallen bed-cover. He found his own breeches and shirt, then his hunting-knife where it always rested on the table by the bed…

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