Book cover - Beneath This Ink - Author Meghan March

Beneath This Ink

Author Meghan March

  • Release Date: 2015-02-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 1,201 Ratings

Beneath This Ink Summary

Beneath This Ink - I’ve always known she was too good for me, but that never stopped me from wanting her.

And then I finally had her for one night.

A night I don’t remember.

I figured I’d blown my shot.

But now she’s walked back into my life, and this time, I have the upper hand. I want my second chance.

Will she be able to see the man beneath this ink? 

Beneath This Ink Review

  • Beneath this Ink

    By kelby1029
    Such a great book! The epitome of a “can’t judge a book by its cover” saying about people and there character. So much ❤️between such opposites.
  • Wow!

    By Argo tango
    2nd book and I can’t wait to read more. Easy to read. And always something to keep me coming back for more.
  • Okay

    By lollllarose
    I finished the book, and it was just okay. I usually finish a book of this length in a day-‘ maybe TWO at most. But this book took me two weeks to was just kind of boring.
  • Con!

    By hlf91
    From reading the first book of this series I wasn’t sure if I was going to like con, but I was wrong!! This book went over and above for me Con is my new favorite hero of Meghan’s and this story is a page turner. I couldn’t put the book down’n
  • Meghan March is a must read

    By ewoynANDfaramir
    This book is action packed and full of people who don’t give up. Vanessa is a girl who comes from money but is very real and has flaws. I loved reading her book.
  • Another winner from Ms. March.

    By DanaD1974
    Vanessa and Con have known each other since childhood, that's how long Con has been in love with Vanessa. But, Con has always felt that she was above him. Until one night, and he doesn't remember any of it. Two years later, Vanessa shows up at his door and the rest is a fantastic romance!
  • Con and Vanessa's book is not to be missed!

    By j.lynn007
    Everyone loves a bad boy with a good heart! That is just what you are going to find with Con. The tattooed bad boy with a reputation has something that rich girl, Vanessa Frost needs, and it turns out she finds out that underneath the rough exterior she thought she knew was a man with a heart of gold. Con spends his days tattooing, running businesses, and helping under privileged youth in New Orleans. He was a foster kid, in and out of the system, until Joy and Andre Leahy brought them into their lives. They were killed, and since then Con has been following lead after lead to find his parents murderer. Vanessa Frost is “high society” in New Orleans and Con has something she needs, to keep her job at the helm of a foundation that had been in her family for years; so a deal, of sorts is brokered. Both knowing that there wasn’t place for each other in the others’ worlds. Or is there?? To say I was excited for Constantine Leahy’s story, would be an understatement. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this flawed man. I knew there was something hiding under all of that ink and I had to know what it was! I was first introduced to Meghan March’s writing with Beneath This Mask. The first book in the series. This book, Beneath This Ink, is the second, but can definitely be read as a standalone, and believe me when I say you will not want to miss anything March writes. I can’t urge you enough to pick up this book! You won’t regret it! Meghan’s characters are complex. The men are strong, and the women are even stronger. There is something about her story lines that just sweep you up and don’t let go until the last page. They leave you wanting more, and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.
  • Back in NOLA again!

    By AG0703
    Meghan does it again, but with Con and Vanessa. I related to Vanessa on so many levels and even reached out to Meghan to tell her so. As a heroine, like Charlie (Mask), she's so strong and powerful in her own right. Con= dirty talking alpha and I loved every minute of him. Never judge a book by it's cover. Con had me fooled in a way in Mask and the way Meghan laid him out in this book was awesome! The twists and turns in this book were amazing and I never saw them coming.
  • Loved this book

    By LovesLoveStories
    Great story, lovable characters, steamy (but could have been more). Enjoyed this and am moving on to others in the series
  • Didn’t want it to end

    By cassandra erin
    This is the first book that i have read by this author and my only fear is that her other books won’t compare to this one… Loved it!


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