Book cover - Miles Morales - Author Brian Michael Bendis

Miles Morales

Author Brian Michael Bendis

  • Release Date: 2015-02-06
  • Genre: Graphic Novels
Our score: 5
From 13 Ratings

Miles Morales Summary

Miles Morales - Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, is back in action with a new status quo and a new outlook on life! But a big villain from Peter Parker's past is alive and well, and about to turn New York upside down! Now, Miles must face with the worst nightmare of the Spider-Man legacy: Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, the man who killed Peter Parker, or did he? Is Peter Parker back from the grave, or is this an amazing simulation? As events explode in a way nobody saw coming, Spidey takes on Spidey - and only one of the two Ultimate Spider-Men will rise! Plus, it’s the anniversary of Peter's death, but as the world mourns the original Spider-Man, a gathering of Spidey's friends and foes reveals some shocking truths! Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man #200 and Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #1-5.


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