Book cover - A Ghostly Gift - Author Angie Fox

A Ghostly Gift

Author Angie Fox

  • Release Date: 2015-02-15
  • Genre: Cozy
Our score: 4.5
From 131 Ratings

A Ghostly Gift Summary

A Ghostly Gift - From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox

Verity Long doesn't want to see ghosts, and she'd rather not let anyone know her little secret, either. But when a restless spirit stirs up trouble in her friend's resale shop, Verity and her very new, very dead gangster friend team up to learn what is really happening.

They discover an age-old secret, and must learn the truth behind a mysterious disappearance…before it's too late.

*A fabulously fun short story in the bestselling Southern Ghost Hunter series!

What Reviewers are saying…

5 Stars!  “Oh my gosh! I loved it! I was all warm and fuzzy on the inside!”

5 Stars!  “Indulge yourself in a fast read, a sweet love story and another mystery solved.”

5 Stars!  “This one will leave you with a smile.”

5 Stars!  “I now have a new favorite author.”

Rating: Clean and Wholesome

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (with a cute pet skunk!)

A Ghostly Gift Review

  • Fun and Loving

    By AV Donovan
    Verity is back when her sister coerces her into helping a friend. Julie’s store has always been haunted but now the southern spirits are causing costly damage to the wares. Of course, there is a ghost in distress and a solution that only Verity can provide. A lovelorn soldier and a lost engagement ring are the basis for a heartfelt love story. This little short story packs a lovely punch. I craved more from Frankie, the gangster ghost, but he made himself felt with his snark and old-time chivalry.
  • Fun easy beach read. (Or any time)

    By bbbroadhead
    I just finished reading “A Ghostly Gift (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries)” and I enjoyed it immensely. This is a novella that is after her first Southern Ghost Hunter book. This book is an easy to read and fun book about Verity Long and her ghostly friend Frankie. In the previous book Verity is able to see and interact with ghosts. This time Verity has to help a long dead ghost with finding his true love that he left behind when he went to fight in WWII. With Frankie’s help she is able to see the ghosts in the Antique store. While she is investigating, she discovers that she can see ghosts in the cemetery without his help. This is a must read.
  • Short and endearing

    By Darkangel2126
    This book is a novella that is a nice diversionary tale that allows further insight into Verity and Frankie as characters. They set off on a new adventure to solve a mystery haunting an antique store. This a cute tale about true love and compassion for others. Overall I enjoyed the story and I look forward to future adventures.
  • Wonderful short story in a great series!

    By tapnchica
    We were introduced to Verity and Frankie in Southern Spirits and this next novella didn't disappoint! Verity is a good person who goes with her new ghost friend to help solve a mystery and rid a troublesome ghost for a friend. The ending is sweet and another winner for Fox. If you haven't met Verity, Frankie, Lucy, and Ellis, you need to read Southern Spirits and then A Ghostly Gift. Both are great reads and you'll be glad you did!
  • A Ghostly Gift by Angie Fox

    By ReadingOverTV2
    A Ghostly a Gift by Angie Fox This simple little ghost hunting story had me crying at one point. Happiness and warm fuzzies. Wow. A short story done really well. Verity has become a ghost hunter, mostly by accident and against her better judgement. But she needs to earn money so a ghost hunter she has become with the help of a gangster ghost that has become tied to her ancestral home. "I wasn't even their type and I felt like the last Pork chop on the plate" And humor is always a plus for me. I received a copy of this book from the author.
  • Cute Sweet Short!

    By 1BizzyReader
    This is a fairly short short story with a cute sweet plot that gets straight too the point. I love Frankie, Verity, and the cute scene at the Ghostly Bar it was super funny! This short sets the series up to continue and man do I want it to continue. Verity's sister is getting all up in her business gently nudging her to move on after the fiascos in the first book. So being a good sister and great friend she kind of volunteers Verity to help her friend Julie out with a little problem. Julie is a sweet owner of New For You an antique shop is having a problems with her most unique pieces the ones she places in a locked cabinet. Having come back to the shop to find things broken in her one of a kind cabinet she knows a ghost must be behind it. Together Frankie and Verity must solve the mystery of why the heck a ghost would want to break poor Julie's antiques before anything to bad happens! I love Angie Fox's books and shorts, I just knew I would love this new series she's created. I can't wait for the next book in this series. This short was not exactly what I was expecting though because why there is a mystery there is no evil, and it ends on a sweet happy note. I was not expecting the happy ending, and was super please there were not vengeful sprits, or murders lurking around! Verity and Frankie are a breath of fresh air in the paranormal mystery genre! ******I received this short story free from the author for posting an honest review. I was in no way paid for this review and was only given an ARC so that I could read the story and form an opinion. All opinions are all my own!******
  • a ghostly gift is great!

    By Hobbitzis
    good read. Verity does it again. Loved this book. easy read. Trouble finds verity and she does it again. Love Angie Fox's books.
  • A short adventure for Verity and Frankie

    By judithau
    Great story. Verity reluctantly uses her ghost hunting skills to help a local shop owner. This short story is very heartwarming. Verity uses her skills to help a local shop owner who is having ghost trouble. Angie does it again creating an interesting cast of characters for us to become enchanted by.