Book cover - Marienburg's Stand - Author David Guymer

Marienburg's Stand

Author David Guymer

  • Release Date: 2015-02-24
  • Genre: Fantasy

Marienburg's Stand Summary

Marienburg's Stand - The End Times are coming. When death falls upon the free city of Marienburg, in the form of the hordes of Chaos commanded by the dread Glottkin, the fractious citizens of the town must rally together to hold the foe back. Unexpected aid, in the form of the vampire gangster Mundvard the Cruel, comes, but can the citizens of Marienburg accept it? Will they be damned by association with the vile undead, or will they forfeit their lives – and souls – to Chaos?

Read it because
It’s a three-way knockdown, drag-out between humans, vampires, and the forces of Chaos. The three groups face off to stake their claim on the ill-fated Marienburg. If you liked The Fall of Altdorf, you cannot miss this prequel that gives you a never-before-seen look at the city’s total destruction.