Book cover - Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers - Author David Guymer

Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers

Author David Guymer

  • Release Date: 2015-02-26
  • Genre: Fantasy

Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers Summary

Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers - The End Times are coming. Their friendship in tatters after a series of betrayals, Gotrek Gurnission and Felix Jaeger lead a ragtag army south in search of the Empire and Felix’s family. Felix yearns to reclaim his place as the Slayer’s Rememberer, but another, the Kislevite Kolya, has taken up that duty. What remains of the heroes’ broken relationship, and can it be repaired?

Read it because
It’s an onslaught of battle in this short story. Fan favourites Gotrek and Felix reunite in the middle of a great battle. This reunion isn’t as happy as you would suspect though. It’s just as tense as the battle surrounding the heroes.

Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers Review

  • 9pages?

    By ZaiLH
    Two bucks for 9pages? :s always a fun read but should have been 20more pages at least!
  • Not so much a story as a description of an encounter.

    By wyvirn
    This is a joke. A joke on you and your wallet. It is 4 pages of action and 5 pages of advertising and legal. It describes a reunion between the two title characters, but doesn't give any context or meaning to it. It might make more sense if I was up to date on G&F, but that still wouldn't excuse paying to read an embellished footnote.