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The Plant-Based Pair: A Vegan Cookbook for Two with 125 Perfectly Portioned Recipes

Author Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2015-03-13
  • Genre: Special Diet
Our score: 4
From 85 Ratings

The Plant-Based Pair: A Vegan Cookbook for Two with 125 Perfectly Portioned Recipes Summary

The Plant-Based Pair: A Vegan Cookbook for Two with 125 Perfectly Portioned Recipes - Savor delicious vegan meals with easy recipes that make just enough for two.

Most recipes feed six to eight people, and smaller households are often left with the monotony of leftovers or pricey, unused groceries that end up in the trash. Whether you’re new to vegan cooking or a long-time plants fan, The Plant-Based Pair makes cooking for two people easier and more delicious than ever. Covering everything from simple breakfasts to decadent desserts, these wholesome dishes pack plenty of nutrition into every bite while turning the chore of cooking into a fun date night.

The Plant-Based Pair offers:

* 125 tantalizing vegan recipes that make just enough for two 

* Several 30-minutes or less meals to make

* Great ideas for saving time and money to get the most out of your groceries

* 10 helpful tips for living a happy vegan life

* The most useful, healthy ingredients to have on-hand for making any meal a success

* Practical advice for cooking more efficiently as a team

* Create super satisfying plant-based meals just for two with The Plant-Based Pair

The Plant-Based Pair: A Vegan Cookbook for Two with 125 Perfectly Portioned Recipes Review

  • Not A Vegan but good book.

    By Chelton91
    Seems like it has some good recipes in it. I am not a vegan. I wouldn’t care trying to take some time to make some of these recipes in this cookbook. They seem like they are really interesting and fun to make. This book tries to focus on meals that will take you no more than thirty minutes to cook. I am very impressed with these recipes.
  • Great for getting healthier

    By cortneymae
    I will start off by saying I am not vegan, I love my meat but my family does need to get healthier and I figured why not try replacing one or two meals a week with something from this book. My husband loves meat more than I do so he was definitely hesitant to try a meatless dinner but surprisingly we all enjoyed the dinner very much. This book is great for vegans and non vegans who wanted to get on a healthier diet.
  • Worth the Try

    By Daffne C.
    I gave the book only 4 stars due to obvious biased opinions in the beginning. I am not vegan, but I am about 20 pounds heavier than I would like to be. I used this book to guide healthier eating options to slim down. A couple could easily share almost every recipe. I thought doing a vegan diet for 2 months might have been difficult, but this book has definitely helped with the transition! I recommend this for anyone wishing to clean up their diet. :)
  • Big selection of vegan recipes

    By Sonya1019
    I love that this book makes vegan meals for two easy! It gives a great selection of recipes for two people. The recipes we tried were delicious! I noticed the book discussed a lot about the lifestyle of a vegan, including some of the useful ingredients and pros and cons of living a vegan lifestyle. I love that! Disclosure: I received this e--book courtesy of Third Voice Marketing to review and received compensation in the form of free products for my time to review this book. All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.
  • I will NEVER be a vegan but

    By Whitbtaylor86
    Becoming a vegan in 100% out of the question for my family but there are lots of great recipes that I will be able to incorporate weekly into out meal plans. Its a pretty amazing book that gives you step by step instuctions and its super easy to follow. I would say that it would of been great if they had included the nutritional information since I am trying to do a more health conscious diet.
  • Nice recipies, but could use more pictures

    By JaclynAnne
    I rarely eat leftovers an I do not like to waste food. That is why I love this is a idea for a cookbook. This cookbook is filled with 125 recipes that are perfectly portioned for 2 people. No more leftovers and throwing food away. The only area I can see for improvement in this cookbook is if they added photographs of the prepared recipes. Overall, this is a nice cookbook for finding new recipes that can be prepared perfectly portioned for 2 people.
  • These are great!

    By momofbestbaby
    This book is great! This is a cookbook designed for For Vegans but I do eat meat though I would like to eat a lot less of it. My family is concentration on eating healthier and more veggies. So what we decided to do the recipe but add in healthy meats like fish and lean turkey and it went off perfectly. Not only that but we had another conundrum.. We we are a family more than two.. Not a hard one to fix though... We just did one and a half of each recipe. We really loved a few of these and did not care for one we tried. My wife's favorite was the Mexican black bean salad. My sons favorite was the peanut butter cookies and mine was the corn chowder in which I added crab meat too. We did not care too much for the Cornmeal Griddle Cakes though but my wife thinks she can tinker it up. They all were pretty good.
  • Pretty good for what it is...

    By bastkat
    Noone in my family is vegan, so using this book regularly would be out of the question. There are, however, some recipes that would make some good side dishes, or, after adjusting the amounts, some pretty good meatless suppers, especially with summer coming when noone really feels like eating anything heavy. Biggest problem with the book is the lack of pictures. Other than that, I thought it's a pretty good cookbook.
  • A delicious cookbook for couples!

    By Mlw79
    I enjoyed this vegan cookbook. I think this is a good book for couples to enjoy together. A fun date night can be enjoyed by preparing this yummy healthy meals together. I recommend this book for couples who are learning about vegan diets together.
  • Vegan

    By kls9
    This book did teach me a lot about the vegan lifestyle and all the different foods you can and cannot eat it's defiantly not my type of lifestyle but I enjoyed learning about it and making some of the recipes which were defiantly yummy! If you are into the vegan lifestyle I would defiantly recommend this book!


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