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Stones to Abbigale

Author Onision

  • Release Date: 2015-03-29
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4
From 83 Ratings

Stones to Abbigale Summary

Stones to Abbigale - I want to be direct, my name is Greg. I go by “Onision” online. This book is made up of events that occurred in my own life mixed with fiction from the made up life of James. 
James is essentially a better version of myself. His home, his school & his life all resemble my own at his age. The people James analyzes and is surrounded by are not so unlike those I’ve known as well. 
I have experienced much of the loss James has however his happier moments are more often than not also mine. 
I want to share my story without it being purely non-fiction. I simply felt this approach would make for a far better book. 
Stones to Abbigale is not just my book, it is a piece of who I am.

Stones to Abbigale Review

  • Not even good

    By Nikki the
    I want to spend my time reading this book during quarantine, but to my surprise it’s not even that good. This book has a lot of grammar mistakes, I think it takes away from suspense. The character Abigail goes through a lot of mental issues, and the writer almost glamorized what she is going through. There are many story lines that get mentioned once and I never talked about again, making the storyline weak.
  • Terrible.

    By jamie dykes
    For one the amount of grammatical issues is overwhelming. There are dozens with in each paragraph, when Greg actually chooses to put paragraphs in. The second is it’s such a cringe book. It seems as if it was written by a virgin 13 year old emo boy who yells at people, “IT’S NOT A PHASE, ITS THE REAL ME!”
  • Meh

    By Chin Chin's Sacrifice
    Crap tier writing, he obviously didn’t have it edited before being published. If you’re looking for a good book by a YouTube personality I’d highly recommend Francis of The Filth by George Miller.
  • What even

    By Shi :3
    I’ve literally written One Direction fanfics when I was 12 years old that held better character plots than this.

    By NoahPeterson
    I have the real copy of it and the digital copy it is a must read I love how it really makes me feel like sad at some moments mad at others not many books do that to me so I really recommend this book
  • Horrid

    By Heretowriteareview
    For starters, a thirty year old man should 1. Figure out how to spell check his writing 2. Know how to develop characters 3. Figure out what a plot is and 4. Actually read a book. This 'book' had more errors in it than imaginable. It seems he wrote it drunkenly and published it. The main character has a severe god complex and is obsessed with a girl that has the personality of a piece of cardboard. The entire book is written as if everyone's lives revolve around the sadistic, narcissistic main character. There is no plot, and adds unnecessary drama without building anything up. Abbi, the girl the character is creepily obsessed with, only seems to be put in the story just to up the main characters feeling of superiority. The author obviously did little to no research when writing this, as he had them only have three class periods. Jesus Greg, if you're going to write a book about high schoolers, at least know how a goddamn high school functions. I would literally rather gauge my eyes out than have to read this again. It was so unnecessarily lengthy that he felt the need to describe what the hell a petition was. Half of the 'plot' was nonsense, and he just threw everything out there. It was predictable, boring, and borderline creepy. Spend your money on an actual book. Hell, a Wattpad fan fiction is more likely better written and worth your time more than this disgusting excuse for a book is.
  • Beautifully Written

    By Grell1
    This book is by far one of the best I have ever started reading. You can't stop once you started. Greg (Onision/King Cuck) is an amazing writer and YouTuber. Every other book written by a YouTuber is not very good but I have nothing bad to say about this one.

    By I'm a craze mo fo
    All I can say is that this is one of the best books I've ever read
  • (['])

    By Pu$$ydestroyer696969
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,__ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ *_) ,,,,, _,—-, _/,,/ ,,,,/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ _/…(…|.(…| /__.-|_|– |_|
  • Love the book

    By cupcakes3000
    Great book, I don't like reading but the book actually made me want to finish it