Book cover - Rosie's Little Book of Ice Cream - Author Liz Fielding

Rosie's Little Book of Ice Cream

Author Liz Fielding

  • Release Date: 2015-05-14
  • Genre: Contemporary

Rosie's Little Book of Ice Cream Summary

Rosie's Little Book of Ice Cream - Rosie, the vintage ice cream van, first appeared in the shape of a mug given to my friend and fellow Romance author, Kate Hardy. She posted a photograph on her blog and it was inspiration at first sight.

She made her first appearance in Tempted By Trouble, bringing endless trouble to Lovage (Elle) Amery and temptation in the form of the meltingly gorgeous Sean McElroy.

With her came a notebook filled with bookings for her many appearances – the trouble – and quotations and sayings that had been picked up over the years by her missing owner, Elle’s Great Uncle Basil.

Elle had two younger sisters and since that first book they’ve grown up. Sorrel, with her heart set on a man who would stay put, met a man who roamed the world’s jungles looking for plants with healing properties. I told her story in Anything But Vanilla.

Now Angelica (Geli) is striking out to make her own life and to celebrate the launch of her story – Vettori’s Damsel in Distress – I’ve put together the collected wisdom of Rosie, together with some recipes, some interesting historical facts about ice cream and the first chapter of each of the books as a free download.

I’ll leave the last word to Rosie —

“Life is like ice cream on a hot day. Enjoy it before it melts”.